The Punishment Archive brings you classic spankings, canings, and other corporal and domestic punishments administered by fantastic, strict ladies to adult naughty boys.

In our members area there are videos from the hundreds of hours of high-quality material that we have had stored away in our vaults... until now!

We bring you videos that are remastered versions of movies originally shot on DV tape and HD cameras that were removed from websites such as Strict Ladies, Strict Miss, The Montrose Academy, and Aunties' House to make way for newer material. But just because these videos are old doesn't mean they are no good, far from it; to this day it really is some of the best, classic material you will still find any where online.

Below is just a small selection of the videos we have waiting for you in the members area.

Please be aware that due to the nature of this site as an archive it is not updated on a regular basis, but rather we will add new material when it is remastered or removed from our other sites, usually every few months. No content will ever be removed from this site meaning there's always an ever increasing wealth of material for our members to choose from.

Over 60 videos totalling over 5 hours worth of material were added on the 7th May 2015, and we currently have over 30 hours worth of videos online for you, with more to still be added.

Videos in the members area are in .mov or .mp4 format so you will need a player capable of playing them, such as VLC or Quicktime.

At The Punishment Archive we strive to let you relive all your favourite punishment memories! We hope you enjoy the site.

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